Drone UAV Surveys

We Conduct Survey Grade Topographical Surveys using aerial mapping drones , saving you time , cost and improving safety & sustainability.

We provide high resolution imaging allowing us to analyse and extract highly detailed and accurate information whatever your requirements and at speed.

Aerial mapping has many different uses and benefits, for example; The ability to map large tracts of land over difficult terrain. Reducing risks to health and safety by mapping hazardous areas without the need to enter the site on foot.

It’s a time efficient way of gathering data at speed on expanses of land.

There’s no need for multiple crews to go on site to get the job done, thereby reducing costs.

It provides information to make critical, up front decisions which could seriously impact upon your later decision making.

Typical surveys carried out by drone UAV survey includes:

  • Large Scale Topographic Surveys
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Flood Risk Surveys
  • Structural Inspections – dangerous building / fire or partial collapse
  • Roof Condition Surveys
  • Restricted Access
  • Landfill/Quarry Surveys
  • Route Surveys – windfarm blade delivery

Based on photogrammetric survey methods and combined GPS control points on the ground, survey data is processed to accuracy similar to lidar data. Once surveyed, our clients can choose to receive either a 3D digital terrain model (DTM) or 2D or 3D plan.

At Ardmore Point we have a dynamic approach to Aerial Mapping & Inspection ensuring our clients have access to the latest technological advances and providing an exceptional level of service.

Typical Drone UAV Applications:


Aerial surveys of highways help to avoid costly & time consuming road closures and the need for boots on the ground in a dangerous environment. The time taken to conduct these surveys and produce CAD drawings is a fraction of that of traditional methods. It is hugely beneficial for road planning & construction, transport assessments and planning.


Aerial surveys of railways are especially useful in removing the need for boots on the ground in a highly dangerous environment. A huge area of track can be covered in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.


We can capture a digital replica of your site, providing regular up to date information of live dynamic environments. This allows you to have highly accurate information for use in the planning and monitoring of sites.


We can capture digital mapping of housing development sites pre, during and post build, providing regular up to date information. We can produce highly accurate CADs for use in planning and monitoring. We allow you to gather data faster, safer, cheaper and in a more environmentally friendly way than traditional methods, whilst guaranteeing the same levels of accuracy. Reducing risks to health and safety by mapping large tracts without the need to enter the site on foot allowing strategic land assessment at a very early stage of a development.


The utilities & energy sectors can benefit greatly from aerial surveys. Water pipelines, gas pipelines, electric pipelines/power lines, solar farms, gas stations and wind farms can be extremely substantial in length and area. We can capture these areas faster, cheaper & more sustainably than any other method, providing highly accurate CADs for use in planning and monitoring. We can also produce highly accurate Point Clouds of treatment plants, gas stations, sub stations & solar farms which can be used for virtual inspections.


Digital Terrain Models are immeasurably useful in the planning and prevention of flooding/contamination. We can provide highly accurate DTMs quickly, efficiently and sustainably helping you to effectively plan drainage like never before.