Ardmore Point provide a full range of geotechnical and environmental investigations. We have successfully engineered practicable solutions to complex and challenging projects alike. We offer our clients a range of solutions for residential, civil engineering and building projects.

These range from:

  • Phase 1 desk studies
  • Phase 2 ground investigation
  • earthworks design
  • contamination surveys
  • urban and brownfield redevelopment
  • ground monitoring / levelling
  • gas / groundwater monitoring
  • subsidence engineering and underpinning advice
  • UKWIR testing and report
  • Percolation testing for soakaway design

Unforeseen ground conditions are a potential source of risk. Through intrusive investigations and interpretive considerations, , we provide our clients with recommendations and advice towards obtaining a safe and economic solution to permit redevelopment or development of sites. These range from single storey extensions through to multi-million pound developments.

An Ardmore Point geotechnical report will be tailored to include detailed exploratory logs with results of in-situ and laboratory testing The results and recommendations produced will be essential for other professionals, as they look to progress their own design elements on bespoke projects for foundation and construction purposes. The contents of each geotechnical report will be tailored to meet project specific needs and will contain advice on the type of foundations, retaining walls, earthworks and sub-grades required for the construction of the proposed man-made structures.

Recent changes to the Structural Engineering Registration (SER) scheme now requires for a suitably qualified and experienced person to undertake the intrusive investigations required for building control applications. The requirements now are“ a ground investigation should be carried out for all projects with the exception of minor single storey domestic extensions

Geotechnical engineering is the specialist branch of civil engineering concerned with the behaviour of earth, soil and rock mechanics to design foundations, retaining structures and earthworks.